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Erin Suhr

Community Is My Ambrosian Value

Business Management, Class of 2023

"I really wanted to go to St. Ambrose, but another college offered me more in scholarships, and I was juggling. I communicated that to my SAU admissions counselor, and she worked to find me more scholarship and work study opportunities. It made me realize SAU admission counselors want you to go here as much as you do."

We want to make a St. Ambrose University education accessible for all. Here, 100 percent of first-year students receive financial aid – on average around $20,000! Admissions and financial aid counselors identify scholarships, grants, and work study opportunities for each student because they've witnessed the power and value of a St. Ambrose degree. Erin is right: we want you to be here as much as you do!

erin suhr

The value of SAU support?

A Dream Realized

Two schools, yet Erin could only make one decision: St. Ambrose, where she wanted to be, or another college where her education would cost a bit less. "My admissions counselor, Emily, was a lot of help. I received an academic scholarship and she helped me look for other scholarships and got me work study. I really talked to her a lot throughout the process of committing here. She was able to work with me a little more and made my decision to come here a lot easier than the other school."

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The value of SAU Academics?

A career in project management is Erin's goal. She's gaining ground on that professional foundation with a major in business management. "With fewer people in class, I am able to engage more. I feel more comfortable and I know my classmates. Likewise with the professors, they know you by first name. All of that is advantageous to learning, your education, and in expanding yourself, which is my goal in going to college and earning a degree."

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The value of an SAU experience?

"I honestly love going to SAU. The thing I find so shocking is, because of COVID-19, I haven't really fully experienced it yet, but I know it will get even better. I know I can always go to my professors for help and they genuinely want me to succeed. I could have attended a state school and paid a little less and been one of hundreds of students in a lecture hall. Here, I have professors who know my name, see me regularly, and ask how I am doing. One big thing SAU offers is small community values."

Why SAU?

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The value of a St. Ambrose education?


"I am confident my education will pay for itself. The tuition is more expensive, but the connections I am making will help me get a career faster. A friend of mine, as a senior, had a job lined up before graduation and she got it through the connections she made here. Through internships and the business leaders who come and talk with us, I look forward to doing that as well," she says.

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